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Can add Spf  15-50 to any Moisturizer


Creams for all skin types. 

(Oily, Dry, Combination, Normal) 

$10-  $15    (1.oz) 

$20- $25   (2.5oz) 

$30- $35   (3.2oz)


(Combination Skin)                                                               

$10-$15 (1.5oz)   $20-$25 (2.5oz)

Name of Moisturizers:

(Lemon Verbena)

(Seabuckthorn Moisturizer)

(Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer)


(Forever  Young Moisturizer)

(Firm & Lift Spf 30)

Comes in combo, oily, or dry skin.

(Dry Skin)

Name of Moisturizers:

(Silk Repair)  also for a night treatment.

(Coconut Rose Moisturizer) night cream

(Lavender Night Cream)

(Super Hydration) (Shea Butter)

(Vanilla Chai Night Cream)

(Firm & Lift Cream) Anti-Aging Dry Skin

$15- $23

(Bee Venom Cream Spf 30) Wrinkles $25 (1.5oz)


(Oily Skin)  


Name of Moisturizers:    


(Lemon Verbena & Cucumbers)

(Aloe Vera spf 15)

(Acne  Moisturizer)

(Aloe Vera Coconut spf 15)

(Aloe Vera Rose Petal)


(Vitamin C Treatment)

(Vitamin C 25% Serum) $17 (1.5oz)

(Vitamin C 25% Cream) $17 (1.5oz)

(Vitamin C 10% Face Wash) $10 (3oz)


(Eye Serums)


(Green Tea Puffy Eyes) $15 (0.25oz)

(Eye Renew Wrinkle Ointment) $10 (10ml)

(Natural Botox Beetox Serum) $20 (0.5oz)

(Firming Serum) $15 (0.5oz)

(Hyaluronic Acid Serum) $15 (0.5oz)

(Sea Kelp Serum) $15 (0.5oz)



For Women

Price: $10 (0.5oz) Spray Bottle



Seductive, Diva, Pure Paradise, Cleo Patra, Love Passion.

(Deodorants $5
(Rose Petal)
(Lemon Verbena)
(Frankincense for men)
(Coconut Mango)

(Pain Relief)

(Emu & Aloe Vera Cream)
$13 (2oz)     $26 (4oz)
Relieves arthritis, backache, muscle and joint pain.
(Hemp Oil)
This is the stronger one. Relieves:
arthritis, leg cramps, backache, muscle and joint pain.
$10  (1.3oz)
$20 (2.5oz)
$35 (4.5oz)
(Turmeric Pills)
$10 (x 30)
Inflammation, Arthritis and Pain pills.
(White Willow Bark)
Pain Pills x30 (x30 Caps)
Natural alternative for Norco to
relieve headaches, back and joint pain. 
(Iron Pills)
Highest herbal iron available. $8 (x30)
(Calcium Magnesium / Vitamin D) $8 (x30)
(Himalayan Minerals) Pills $12 (x30 Caps)
All 84 Trace Minerals you need in your body,
helps lower cholesterol, high blood pressure,
joint pain, strengthens bones and energy.
(Mega Vitamins with Minerals)
$14 (x30 Caps)
Nourishment for hair, skin and nails.
(Bilberry) $10 (x30 Caps)
Improves EyeSight 
(Brain Food) $12 (x30 Caps)
Helps with memory loss,
Focus and Concentration.
(Stress Relieve) $12 (x30 Caps)
Anxiety and Stress
(Diet Pills)
(Green Tea ) $10 (x30)
Fat Burning diet pills
(Epi Burn Diet Pills) $35 (x30Caps)
the strongest one
(Appetite Suppressant) $7 (x30 Caps)
(Activated Charcoal Pills) $7 (x30 Caps)
Cleanses your blood, relieves upset 
stomach, reverses overdose due
to medications and absorbs the
toxins of food poisoning.
(Maca 1,500mg) $12 (x30 Caps)
For energy, hormonal imbalance and libido.
(Happy Pill 1,250mg) $12 (x30 Caps)
Balances mood and makes you feel happy.
(Extreme Energy) $12 (x30 Caps)
Siberian Root, Ginseng
(Golden Dust) $10 (x30 Caps)
Energy and weight loss
(Extreme Energy) $10 (x30 Caps) 
Helps with weight loss and Energy.
(5 HTP 200mg) $15 (x30 Caps)
Mood stabilizer, weight loss, 
suppress appetite, depression and anxiety.
(Valerian Root 530mg) $8 (x30)
Sleep disorders, Anxiety and Stress relief.
(Coconut Oil Soft Gel) $10 (x30)
(Colon Cleanse) $15 (x30)
(Immune System Booster) $10 (x30)
All Natural Minerals


All Skin Types & Colors

Airless pump bottle.
(Luminous or Matte Wear)  
$21 (1oz)
Names of Foundations:
Classic Ivory, Evette,
Porcelain, Angel Face,
Creamy Beige, Lori,
Angel, Mia, Light Mia,
Lola, Shakira, Almond,
Latte, Bronze, Heavenly Bisque,
Golden Bronze, Elegant Mocha,
Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate,
Dark Coffee, Ebony.
​(Mineral Pressed Powder) 
Compact  $15   
Ivory, Honey, Walnut,
Cream Beige, Golden Bronze,
Chocolate, Dark Chocolate.
(Loose Mineral Powder) $18 (0.28oz)
Jar with sifter
Shades:Latte, Medium Bisque,

Medium Beige, Light Beige, Creamy

Ivory, Deep Chocolate.

(Eye Shadow Primer) $7​    

​(EyeLash Growth Serum) $15

(Eye Makeup Remover) $8 (2.5oz)

(Finishing Spray) $15 (2.5oz)
Set your Makeup to last all day. 

(Diva Spray) $10  (2.5oz)

Hydrating spray.

(Velvet Face Primer) $10  (0.5oz)
(Sea Salt Spray) $8 (2oz)
(Magnesium Spray) $8 (4oz)
Helps with Acne and smooth skin.
(Lip Scrubs) $7 (2oz Jar) 
Exfoliate making your Lips silky. 
Flavors: Cherry, Strawberry,
Tropical, Coconut and Banana.
(Lip Plumper Gloss) $7 (5ml)
Make Lips Fuller Bigger with
Bee Venom.
Colors: Champagne,
Clear, Hot Pink, Bronze,
Pink Diamond

Contains: Bee Venom,

Cinnamon, Clove,


Shea Butter

Comes in a Balm

or a Lip gloss

(Lip Balm Clear Plumper Bee Venom)
$6 Lip Balm
(Lip Balm)  $4 
Luscious Lips, Velvet Lips.

(Lip Sticks)   $4

Hollywood Red,

Marilyn Monroe,

Berry Truffle,

Fushia Pink,

Mauve,Pink Star,

Wild Berry, Gold Leaf,

Coral Leaf, Metallic Orange. 




(Body Scrubs

Prices: $8 (4oz)   $12 (8oz)   $15 (10oz)   $20 (16oz)


Super soft and moisturizes while smoothes the skin, in the shower. Won't need lotion afterwards because of the natural oils in the scrubs. Contains: coconut, almond, olive, tamanu, jojoba avocado. 


Scents: Mango, Strawberry, Lemon Verbena, Lemon, Lavender, Orange, Tangerine, Pineapple, Tropical, Coconut, Ginger, Vanilla, Peaches, Victoria Secrets Bombshell.

(Luscious Body Scrub) $14 (10oz)

Strawberry, Mango, Coconut, Plumeria, Tropical Island, Lavender, Jasmine, Bombshell.

(Hand Scrub & Lotion Set)

$16 (4oz Jar)



Mango & Peaches​, Strawberry,

Melon, Pineapple, Almonds & Cherries,

Coconut Pineapple, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass.


(Body Washes)


$12 (10oz)

Scents: Mango Mandarin, Strawberries, Peaches, Tangerine, Watermelon, Bombshell, Cleo Patra, Lavender, Eucalyptus Lemon, Rose Petal, Tropical Peach Blossom, Tropical, Coconut Island Pineapple, Pina Colada.

(EyeLash Growth Serum)


(EyeLash Growth Serum) $10 (5ml)

Make lashes longer, fuller, and thicker. Works as fast as a week on average.

(Gel & Fiber 3D Mascara Set)  $16

(Teeth Whitening  Treatments)

(Charcoal Whitening Tooth Treatment) 

$9 (2oz)

Charcoal will whiten your teeth 4 shades. Can use daily if desired.

(Teeth Whitening Dentist Grade 30%)

$25 (5ml)


(African Black Soap)  $5 (1oz Bar)                        Contains:  Plantains, Coco Pods, Shea Butter, Oatmeal, Lavender, Coco Butter, Tea Tree, Tamanu, Olive, Almond, Seabuckthorn, Rosehip, Vitamin E.

(African Black Body Wash) 

$8 (8oz)      $16 (16oz)


(Scar Treatments)

(Stretch Mark Cream) $20 (5oz Jar)     

Fades and improves skin texture.


(Stretch Mark Oil)  $20 (2.5oz  Bottle)

Oil is used for old stretch marks.


(Sleep Aid)

 (Sleepy Time Spray)  $12 (4oz)   

Promotes sleep while reducing stress and anxiety. 

Contains: Vitamin E, Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense.


(Body Contouring)

(Seaweed Body Wraps)                                                  Mud Contouring that works in one treatment! Lose 1-3 inches each wrap. Great for weight loss, reduces cellulite, and stretch marks.

$25 (2oz Jar) will give you 5 wrap treatments

$45 (3oz Jar) will give you 10-15 wrap treatments

$65 (4oz Jar) will give you 15-20 wrap treatments


 (Anti- Cellulite & Fat Burning Oil) $16 (2.5oz)

Reduces cellulite, shrinks fat cells, helps weight loss and tightens loose skin.

(Dry Skin Treatments)

(Eczema or Psoriasis Body Scrub) $14 (4oz)

Helps dry, itchy, flaky skin.   

(Psoriasis Ointment)  

$10 (2oz Jar)   $16 (4oz Jar)

(Body Enhancements)

(Bigger Brazilian Butt Enhancement Oils)          Comes in 1.3oz 

$16 (Regular Strength)

$20 (Extra Strength)       

$25 (Mega Strength) 

Booty oils makes your butt bigger, can be applied to breast area as well for 2-16 weeks. 

Contains: Omegas, Maca, Zhi Mu Fen, Yams, Clove, Asparagus. 

(Bigger Buttocks Extra Strength 1,500mg)            x30 $20

Aguaji, Maca, Zhi, Mu helps you grow a bigger butt  very fast

(Bigger Buttcks Mega Strength) x30 Caps $25

but if you want breast alone then get the breast oil and breast pills.

(Bigger Breast Oil Enhancer)  $17 (1oz)

Contains: Maca, FenuGreek, Saw Palmetto, Rosehip, Vitamin E, Clove, Aguaji

(Hair Remover)


(Hair Removal)   $10 (1.5oz)   $15 (2oz)                Cream that removes body hair, face hair and bikini area.



(The Miracle Detoxification Liquid) 

$10 (4.5oz)    $15 (7.5oz)   $20 (10.5oz) Bottle

Helps remove metals, bacteria, toxins and parasites.  Promotes weight loss, cleanses the colon and eliminates waste. Reduces the risk of stroke, diabetes and brain fog which leads to clearer thinking. 

(Colon Scrub Powder) $14 (7oz Jar)                      Take 1 Tbs add to 8oz water and drink 2 hours before all medications. This will scrub your colon walls, detoxing your full body.

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