4oz  Miracle Powder Detox

4oz Miracle Powder Detox

4oz Jar 2 month supply of Powder Diatomaceous (DE) Food Grade
This will cleanse your body of toxins, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, parasites, ring worms, pin worms, dark spots, age spots, diabetes, high cholesterol, healthy skin, younger skin, teeth, skin, nails, Natural pesticide killer.
 Its a natural formed sedimentary mineral rock, Its derived from the remains of diatoms, oceanic unicellular algae. It's  million years old its a siliceous powder, 80% percent of americans are deficient of this mineral and should detox with this to help you have a better healthier life and body. Take 1 tsp- 1/2 tbs with 8oz of water daily for 3 weeks then stop. You may continue 1 week late and repeat again.
always eat more fruits, veggtables, less carbs and detox build up immune system
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