Stretch Mark Intense Treatment


Apply to stretch marks to prevent or treat them.

Comes in a Cream or Oil just message which one you would like cream is for mild new Stretchmarks and oil is for more deep old intense Scars.

All natural improve skin tone, appearance, texture, and tone.

All Natural Organic Ingredients

Our natural product works gently and effectively. Massage onto the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and/or thighs to improve the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. When used as directed, it will help with the appearance of mild to stubborn stretch marks so that your skin regains its previous tone and texture.

The process varies from person to person depending on the severity of the marks. The product will typically reduce the appearance of "striae gravidarum" with no skin irritation. The formulated natural essential oils will be absorbed into the skin, soothing rapidly expanding tissues while promoting skin elasticity and suppleness. It is gentle and is topically applied three times per day. The product may be used by children of all ages and is specially formulated for use during pregnancy and nursing.

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