Hour Glass Gift Set x3 Regular Butt, Waist, Breast

$57.00 Regular Price
$54.15Sale Price

Hour Glass Gift Set x3 come with.

1. Brazilian Butt Oil 1.3oz Regular Strength

2. Bigger Breast Oil 1.3oz Regular

3. Seaweed Body Contouring 2oz Jar

Slimmer waist fast. Shrinking waist line fast 1-3 inches each time you apply 5 treatments included in 2oz jar. Grow a bigger butt very fast and natural, 100% satisfied customers 5 star review Just rub on buttocks 1-2 times a day after shower when your cell are open. Better results when you scrub or dry brush buttocks. You dont need to exercise but it will help your results be better if you do at least 15 a day.

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