Egg Honey Deep Hair Mask 8oz


Intense Egg Honey Deep Conditioner Hair Mask. Only use once every 2 weeks


Helps with Split Ends, Hair Repair, Bleached Damaged, Fried Ends, deep conditions

hair back to Life making it Silky Soft and Healthy 
8oz jar


-Hair Loss
Hair Growth
Hair Thickness


Egg yolks contain vitamin A, B, D & E while most of an eggs protein is found in the white along with some bacteria-eating enzymes. DO NOT USE THIS MASK IF YOUR HAIR HAS TOO MUCH PROTEIN.

-Vitamin A – found in the egg yolk; this vitamin is said to help with hair loss
-Vitamin B – found mainly in the egg yolk but some in the egg whites; there are several different groups of vitamin B found in an egg yolk, most of which increase the oxygen supply to the hair and improve circulation.
-Vitamin D – found in the egg yolk; also helps with hair loss and hair growth
-Vitamin E – found in the egg yolk; also helps with oxygen supply

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