Brazilian Buttocks Herbal

Brazilian Buttocks Herbal

Bigger Buttocks comes in Extra Strength and Mega Strength.
Take one a day, Mega  is the strongest x2 times the ingredients then regular strength pills. 

Taking oil with this will give you faster results if used together.

This is completely all natural.
100% results 
5 Star reviews on Yelp, Google, 
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Q:Can I only use Pills to get results or do I need to use the oil too?
A: Yes you canonly use pills,  but for most people the oil works better then just taking pills alone.

Q: How many do I take? 

A:Try 1 pill a day for 2 months then you can increase to 2 pills a day to speed up the process.5 pills a day is the limit. 
Q: What if this is not working fast enough for me can I do anything to speed up the process?
A: Yes Detox your body for 3 weeks the start the pills and oil, this will give you better results because its detoxing the toxins that stop you from absorbing the nutrients you need for it to work.