Acne Face Washes 2.5oz


Acne Face Wash 2.5oz.   
 Helps with clearing skin fast  lightens blemishes, uneven skin tone, brightens skin, detoxes the face deep within, treats acne fast use twice a day.                Contains: Aloe vera, tea tree, Calamine, coconut, olive, Sea buckthorn, rosehip, vitamin E, Bentonite green clay, neem,Frankincense.                     fragrance free ingredients so great for acne-prone skin, including salicylic acid in the formula. formulated  product, with salicylic acid can work beautifully to gently exfoliate skin.    
 This cleanser is made from rich herbal extracts which dissolve impurities upon contact while gently exfoliating and stimulating the growth of new cells.                 It's deep cleansing and soothing action helps reduces discolouration and leaves skin looking radiant and smooth.                                               .                                                           If your suffering from acne try getting more zinc, Vit C,A Probiotic, Fiber, Organic Diet.                             (Some cause are) eating cheese, pizza, sugar, carbs, gluten, fried food, wheat, canola oil,and milk.
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